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    I need to know if Rough Country makes a Steering Stabilizer for a 94 Suburban? When I had my lift put in the guy said something about not having one in the kit & I really did not need it.. I was concerned but It was my first real lifted truck so I went along with it. Now when I drive on the street it feels like the wheels are coming off. I don't have much knowledge about this kind of stuff, so you may laugh if you want too. Thank you in advanced for any help.

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    If it's aligned correctly then you shouldn't need a steering stabilizer although it might help with steering feel. Sounds like you've got bigger issues. How long did you drive it before it started feeling that way?


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      Steering stabilizers just mask bigger problems like bad tie rod ends, bad ball joints, etc. I do not recommend them.


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        That is what I thought, but I have had 2 or 3 sets of ball joints put in and I haven't been wheeling (well, not the hard stuff) in a while. Thanks for the reply's guys. Maybe one day I learn this stuff. HaHa


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          I had a set of new ball joints only last one weekend. They were super cheap from ebay. Then I installed moog joints and never had another problem. It cost more for one Moog joint than all 4 of the others.


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            yea, I don't know which ones they used but that is probably what has happened.