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Open invite at the Flats( marion ,nc)

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  • Open invite at the Flats( marion ,nc)

    Open Invite! at the Flats - Nov 28
    Thought some off you would like to come, The park is located right off of I-40 exit 85 in marion ,north carolina.

    Rock Corps 4X4 is announcing it's first ever open invite. We will be having a one day open ride on November 28th. So for all of you who don't want to involved in all of the after Thanksgiving/before Christmas sales come on over for some fun on the new trails!

    Cost per trail rig is $10, spectators will pay $5 each

    All proceeds will go directly back into the development of the land.

    Wheeling can begin at 9am and everyone off the trails by 8pm
    No Alcohol allowed
    Speed limit is 5mph in all traffic areas.
    Sorry no motorcycles or four wheelers allowed
    Fire extinguishers required for all trail rigs
    Seat belts required any time vehicle is moving
    Stay on marked trails, no free roaming

    Hope to a bunch of you there!

    Located just off of Exit 85 on I-40. Just outside of Marion NC
    Two big announcements for our open invite!

    We have secured The world famous URE Hot Dog guy, Terry Moorefield, for concessions for the event! I heard nothing but positive feedback on Terry's operation, and we are pleased that he has agreed to feed us on this day.

    The second big announcement is a bounty on one of our trails. The trail we have named "No Way" will have a $50 bounty on it's head!. We will require Helmets, roll cages, and harnesses(to be worn) to try this trail. This will not be an all day attempt, we will announce the time so all can watch the brave ones try, and we will close surrounding trails to handle the spectator numbers. More details as the event time draws near!
    Another added event(within the event)!

    For the past several years several members of Rock Corps 4X4(before we had a name) participated in the annual Christmas Parade through the Glenwood Community. It's a small parade, but the 4X4's seem to be a hit. Last year we made the Newspaper. We do some tire stacking and the people love it.

    If you would like to be a part of this, bring some candy to throw out to the kiddies. And even decorate your ride if you want to. We will caravan over to the parade route(about 3 miles away) around 2:30.
    anther added bonous... The ladies auxiliary of the Glenwood Fire Dept. will hold a poor mans supper that evening. So, some good home cooking will be available that evening.

    This is shaping up to be a great day of wheeling and community involvement!
    [ame=""]YouTube- Buggy Roll Over[/ame] vid of no way

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    I will be there.....


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      few pics of our land.

      Get some more later....
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        lookin forward to it


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          Hope that there are more folks than this going.