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2005 Wrangler LJ Death Wobble

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  • 2005 Wrangler LJ Death Wobble

    Helped my Nephew install a 3.25" Lift this weekend on his 2005 LJ Wrangler, He ordered and brought it over for install when he got there found out that he purchased a Rough Country lift ... well work with what we got.. Kit came with only the following: 4 Springs/ 4 shocks/ Rear track bar relocation bracket-- he also ordered a front adjustable track bar and Streering stabilizer... After install toe was out of adj. by about an inch.. had the vehicle alighned that has helped a lot but if you hit a bump hard enough at the right speed the death wobble rears its ugly head... Right now I am more worried about his safety driving the Jeep as he will most likely never take this off road at least that is what he tells me.. My thoughts are that it needs atleast lower control arms to correct the issue as the factory ones are jut not strong enough and not at the correct angle any longer.. please give me your insights..

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    Here are your dw areas. Make sure everything is tight and good with bushings. If you still got it I would look into a drop pitman arm. If still then it's outside my knowledge. The only other thing I could recommend after that is a offset washer for the drag link tre.


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      Had him and his Dad go back and re-torque everything again and as of right now they are not seeing any DW He has about 200 miles on it, I have ask them to re-torque again at 500 miles to to triple check. By biggest concern is with the control arms during dry turn you could watch the uppers flex and he has not even increased his tire size yet. He is running 31-10.50's and planing on installing 33's . Budget lifts are just not as good as advertised for safety reasons. I would rather spend the money and do it right the first time than chasing issues .


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        Check where the track bar attaches to the axle tube. Have someone watch the track bar at the axle mount while turning the steering wheel back and forth. If movement is seen that's the cause of your DW. The bolt hole gets bigger and allows movement of the track bar. More often then not this is the culprit. Re-torqueing might eliminate it for a while but it will be back. I use 3/16" plate and make a piece that's welded to the axle side track bar mount to fix the problem.